The vision of Mount Vernon Community Presbyterian Church missions is to introduce the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to our community and around the world by providing financial commitment, prayerful support and personal participation.

Mission Accomplished!

We did it!  We raised enough money before Christmas to put together 100 blessing bags!  Thanks to all donors and participants.  The children's church and youth group prepared most of the blessing bag notes and our children's church, with the help of some adventurous adults, took less than an hour to put together the blessing bags.  To date only 20 bags are left to distribute among the congregation.  If you have given out your bags and need more please see Terri Cochenour or get as many as you need from the table in the narthex.


We have received feedback that the recipients, as well as the givers of the bags, feel truly blessed by this experience.  Parents have used these interactions as a teaching experience for their children to explain why helping those less fortunate is so important.  In some cases conversations were had between giver and receiver making the encounters even more personal.


As the really cold weather sets in let's be sure to try to give out the rest of our bags.  


Children's Church Preparing the Blessing Bags!