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The vision of Mount Vernon Community Presbyterian Church missions is to introduce the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to our community and around the world by providing financial commitment, prayerful support and personal participation.

EF Project

The EF Project was created to answer the question why doesn't Mount Vernon Community Presbyterian Church reach out to folks in our community who need something done at their home? The criteria is simple - the homeowner is unable to do the work themselves or financially unable to have the work done – or both. That’s where EF Project steps in.  Volunteers called to spend a weekend serving others in the Elizabeth Forward area have done a variety of work including yard work, outside painting, repairing a deck, replacing a water heater, drywall, and repairing ceiling, drain and faucet leaks in a kitchen. 


The mission of EF Project is to serve and minister to the community, “one soul at a time.”


Before EF Project


After EF Project

Elizabeth's Guardian Angels

Elizabeth's Guardian Angels' mission is to help those within the Elizabeth Township and surrounding communities with emergency needs.   This might include assistance with rent, utilities, a particular item, gift cards for food/gas, etc.  They receive referrals mostly from Elizabeth Forward School District social worker, building nurses and principals.  They may also receive referrals from local churches or even a friend of the person in need.   

They assist families with the holidays and have a Take Out Thanksgiving Dinner, Shop for Families at Christmas and donate gift cards to the school district (food and gas cards) and they distribute them as needed.  They have a relationship with Mantle House Mission and families can "shop" for necessary clothing and small appliances with a voucher they are given.

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Meals On Wheels

Meals on Wheels of Elizabeth Forward (MoW of EF) operates as an independent outreach mission of Central Highlands Community United Methodist Church.

The mission of MoW of EF is to provide services that enable people to maintain independent living with safety and dignity.  Their primary mission is to provide one hot, nutritious, and well-balanced meal per weekday to local homebound and limited mobility clients.  That meal is supplemented with additional items such as, a sandwich, apple sauce or mixed fruit, juice, cereal, small salad, and dessert.  In addition, each client receives a quart of milk at the beginning of each week.  They also take into consideration diabetic requirements.  There are no age or financial requirements for becoming a client of MoW of EF. People can sign up for a meal every day of the week, or selected days. It can be long term, or perhaps temporary as in after surgery or a hospital stay.


Camp Crestfield

Christ-centered, Crestfield Camp and Conference Center is called to provide a sacred space to facilitate exploration and encounter with God’s hospitality, God’s creation, and the formative power of Jesus through energy, imagination, intelligence, and love.   Mount Vernon Church takes a group of 40 or so young people between grades 3 and 8 in August every year. This trip has been a partnered effort between Mt. Vernon Church and Round Hill Church for many years and has changed the lives of young people in our community. Many people meet Christ and invite Him into their hearts at retreats or sleep-away camps. It is not as common for it to happen in church on a Sunday morning. These are extremely important times to teach young people what it really means to be a Christ follower and to do it in a setting that exemplifies God’s creation and the gifts of fun and laughter. 


The Blessing Board

The Blessing Board is a non-profit organization existing to provide donated household furnishings to those in need at no cost in response to what God has done for us.  Families in financial need can call to make an appointment to attend a Day of Blessing where they receive a Gospel message, lots of love, and furniture for their homes. While The Blessing Board can not promise to supply everything a family needs, we promise to do our best to serve you.

Blessing Board.jpeg

Staff Day at The Blessing Board

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