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ABC Preschool

ABC Preschool at Mt. Vernon Church is a Christian-based school that has been teaching little learners for over forty years.  Our program focuses on developing academic, social, and motor skills of three and four year olds.  This is accomplished through free play and discovery, along with academic lessons.  Although our students are not separated by age, we have different expectations for each age group.  Three year olds will learn to adjust to a classroom situation, which includes socializing with other children, listening to and following directions given by their teachers, and gaining independence when accomplishing tasks.  Four year olds work toward mastering skills needed for Kindergarten including letter recognition, identifying letter sounds, counting, writing their first and last names, and much more. 


We offer two class options:  half day or full day.  Both classrooms are taught academic content with the Letter People curriculum, which includes puppets for introducing the letter along with worksheets to reinforce letter recognition, writing the letter, and letter sounds.  We plan themed activities to coincide with the letter of the week such as crafts, gross motor activities, experiments, snacks, etc.  We also teach numbers 1-10, shapes, and colors. Toward the second part of the year, we introduce additional skills such as rhyming, sight words, patterns, sequencing, graphing, and basic addition. The full day class offers an extended session to children entering Kindergarten so they can become accustomed to a longer day at school.  The teachers use the additional time for lunch, quiet movie time, and additional skill building in the afternoon with learning centers.


Our students enjoy special activities such as Music, Show and Tell, and Chapel, where we learn more about the love of Jesus.  We provide a daily snack for each classroom.  Students in the full day program are required to bring their own lunch.  Our special events include a Halloween parade, a Christmas program, Fun to Be a Kid Day, and an End of Year / Graduation program.  We have classroom parties for every holiday, and we celebrate each student’s birthday!


Our teachers provide a warm and loving environment that will enable your child to have a happy learning experience.  They strive to give your child a love of learning, a positive attitude toward school, and develop their relationship with God.  We welcome visits from interested families.  To schedule a visit, please call the church office or email us:


Thank you for considering ABC Preschool to teach your child! 

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