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Church Leadership

Moderator of Session

     Reverend Matthew Fricker


Clerk of Session

     Carol Frazier

Chairperson of the Corporation

     Theresa Cochenour



     Fred Cullen


Members of Session                  


     Faith and Life Committee      

           Robert Gray                       

           Anita Cindrich                   

           Robert Cornell  


     Fellowship Committee

          Robin Poirier - Chairperson

          Ron Howell

          James Mcintyre


     Stewardship Committee

          Theresa Cochenour - Chairperson

          Fred Cullen

          Susan Biddle


          Nicole MacPherson - Chairperson

          Lynn Freeman - Corresponding Secretary

          Marsha Cornell - Recording Secretary

          Beth Jamison - Treasure

          Lee Ann Ahlin 

          Sue Novak

          Kathy Howell

          Jean Jenkins

Contact information is available through the online directory.

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